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Dazzlerr is one of India’s best casting networks. It is developed with a vision to bridge the gap between the Talent and Entertainment Industry. We empower budding artists with this innovative platform where their talents and skills can reach millions of talent seekers or recruiters. We offer advanced features to enhance your digital portfolio and build an online presence.


We offer endless opportunities for all of these artists. Any artist can register with us to create his/her digital profile and start their career in the industry. Each talent will get a dedicated profile URL which will be used as their personal website link. The best part of this digital profile is that you don’t have to send or share your details or images with anyone anymore, just use your profile URL. You can showcase your talent through this profile and it will work for you 24×7.

We have streamlined the process of applying for upcoming jobs/projects in the industry. Now, there is no need to stand in long queues waiting for an audition, just send your profile to the casting person with one click. Our platform connects you with casting people from different parts of the country. This helps you to increase your reach nationwide and you can now apply for various projects anywhere in India. Our best-in-class app gives ease to manage your profile or apply for jobs at your fingertips.


Today, Dazzlerr has become the best online alternative to hire talent in the entertainment industry. Our aim is to do a complete transformation in the traditional ways of hiring, the culture of middle-men and unorganized data of artists in this industry. We are bringing together the industry recruiters like production houses, casting & modeling agencies, advertising agencies, producers, event management companies, and many more to connect them with a large pool of talent nationwide. The interactive search & filter feature is a game-changer for the recruiter. They can post their projects, shortlist and contact talent at their fingertips.

It has been observed that the modeling industry has achieved new heights in India in the past decade, so it is not just passion anymore rather it’s a blooming career. If you want to fly high in the world of the entertainment industry; our platform will give feathers to your wings!


Our Mission is to reach out to unknown faces and unidentified talents in every corner of the globe. Give life to the dreams of millions and provide them a platform to flaunt their incredible skills. All talents nationwide are invited unconditionally to join Dazzlerr, as it is your chance to rise with stardom, fast, flawlessly, and fabulously.

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