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Seminar on Goal & Abundance Manifestation

Dazzlerr : Goal & Abundance Manifestation
  • Venue: Sheraton Hotel – Saket
  • Date: 19 April 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
  • Time: 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
  • Price: ₹799
  • Location: Sheraton Hotel, Saket District Centre, District Centre, Sector 6, Pushp Vihar
    Delhi, 110017 India
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Dazzlerr - Seminar on Goal & Abundance Manifestation by Sonali

“All Great journeys begin with a decision”

In my 17 years of the vast and elongated career of public interaction, I have had an opportunity to grow and learn with some of the top leaders across all businesses and corporates. Geniuses who have inspired and intrigued me into following my inner passion for training and coaching.
In my career, I have had a significant insight and mastered the art of “conscious communication” through a series of exercises and processes of training and mastering the mind.

Further, I have trained and educated people using these techniques and principles enabling them to create inner confidence, combat stage fright, public speaking, and many other aspects which address the core foundation of the human personality.

Dazzlerr - Seminar on Goal & Abundance Manifestation by Kartik

Kartik Naidu – Creator of the Mind Engineering program and the founder of Green Aura Holistic. He is a transpersonal trainer, a clinical hypnotherapist and a holistic healer. He specializes in Cognitive Therapy, Past Life and Spiritual Regression between Lives. Has 20 Years of experience in Meditation, mind training and inner development with 8 years of practicing experience.

He has developed several psychological transformational tools and programs to help people help themselves. The popular ones being the 1010-1010 breathing. The ascending /descending breath-work. The 5 F method for conflict resolution, the 60:10 Rule for weight management, 60:5 rule for emotional mastery and the rubber band technique. Has developed many scripts for removing subconscious blockages, organ healing, techniques for positive visualization and self-hypnosis to enable people to help themselves. These tools have been applied to hundreds of personal clients and have produced stunning results.

Together with my partner Kartik Naidu a Transpersonal trainer and Therapist who is a master in the subconscious and superconscious learning and programming. I continue to spread the wisdom and excel in this beautiful journey of coaching people and helping them enhance their lives.

Together we have developed programs that are truly Transformational and offer a 360 comprehensive solution to people’s lives. These are psychological and scientific training programs based on the model and theories of some of the pioneers in the respective fields.

Some of the courses are

  • Mind Engineering – 60 Hours
  • Self Empowerment – 10 Hours
  • Goal & Abundance Manifestation – 20 Hours
  • Health Management – 10 Hours
  • Interpersonal Relationship among many others. – 10 hours.