FAQ’S – Dazzlerr

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Dazzlerr?

    Dazzlerr is a premium talent networking platform to showcase their portfolio and get chance to apply all new upcoming assignments in the fashion and entertainment industry. It helps talent to connect with talent seekers and build their network. Talents from top 10 categories in the fashion, media and entertainment industry like Actors, Models, Photographers, Makeup Artists, Fashion Designers etc and Talent Seekers like Film Production houses, Advertising Agencies, Event Organisers, Corporates etc can participate at Dazzlerr.
    To know more about how Dazzlerr works? Please see the ‘How it works’ page. Check it Now!

  • Why should you join Dazzlerr?

    Well, in the last couple of years every business is consolidated into a platform like bookmyshow to book movie tickets and makemytrip to book hotels or flights. The whole wide world is on the World Wide Web i.e. Internet. Even opportunities in fashion world have slowly gone digital and are picking up pace. Dazzlerr is providing a bridge to connect talent and talent seekers in the Fashion and Entertainment industry. We acts as a one stop platform for talented people to get noticed, connected and find right opportunities under one roof.

  • What are the major benefits for Talents at Dazzlerr?

    The most important thing in the glamorous world is getting the right platform and proper guidance. Dazzlerr offers the best networking platform to make sure that your dreams come true and you have a successful career in the Fashion & Entertainment Industry. A digital portfolio of a talent at Dazzlerr is just the icing on the cake. It is the first platform of its kind in India that provides services with transparency and security. Following are the free benefits:

    • 1. You will get a personalised professional profile to showcase your portfolio, skills, experience, interests etc. Opportunity to build your network with other talents.
    • 2. Get daily job notifications or check job section for latest opportunities and apply them.
    • 3. You will get prompt notification of all upcoming events, competitions and fashion shows.
    • 4. You will be in spotlight as thousands of casting people using our platform to hire talent.
  • How can I register with Dazzlerr?

    Our forte and main goal is to connect the right talent with the right opportunities in the best possible time. So keeping our goal in mind, we are offering most of the features for free to our users. Just go to register page, choose your category and enter your details and follow the process.

  • Can I register on Dazzlerr using my Google or Facebook account?

    No, this feature is not available. You have to use your email id and mobile number to register with us.

  • What if I want to register for multiple roles?

    As a ‘Regular’ member you can have 1 Talent Role. To choose multiple talent roles i.e. max 2, you need to upgrade your account to any of paid subscriptions. Upgrade Now

  • Can I change my role later?

    Yes, you can change your role by placing a role change request to Dazzlerr Support Team at support@dazzlerr.com.

  • Can I edit my profile?

    Yes, all registered members have full control of their profile. You can edit your profile at anytime from anywhere. Just login to your account and click edit profile link to start editing.

  • What is the minimum age to become a member on Dazzlerr?

    Anyone can register and create his/her account at Dazzlerr. All users below 18 have to mention their parent details so that they can manage their account and apply for jobs / auditions on behalf of their kids.

  • Who can view talent’s profile and their personal details such as contact details etc.?

    Anyone can view your profile including all Dazzlerr members as well as visitors of the website. Your personal details such as Email id, Mobile number or Whatspp number are confidential and will not be shared with anyone.

    Registered Members can contact you only via Dazzlerr messaging system. A notification of this message will come to your registered email ID and mobile number.

    Note: Sharing your personal contact details with any member is up to you and purely at your discretion.

  • Who can follow me and to whom can I follow at Dazzlerr?

    Dazzlerr aims at building a strong network of talents and talent seekers. There are no restrictions on following of members. All you need to do is register and have an account with us. Both paid and free members can follow each other.

  • Can I see who all have viewed my profile?

    Yes, you can see who all have viewed your profile. But you can see only the list of registered members that have viewed your profile. This facility is available to Premium members only. Upgrade Now

  • Can I showcase my profile and its updates on to my Social Media Profiles?

    Yes, all members are authorized to share their profile and its updates on their social profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+, and YouTube etc.

  • I am unable to login.

    You may be unable to login due to use of incorrect email id or mobile number. You have to make sure that you are using the same email address and password to login which is used for registration. In case you forget your password, you can use ‘forgot password’ option to reset your password at Login Page.

  • How can I change my password?

    You have 2 options to change your password:

    • a) ”Forgot Password” at Login Page to reset your password.
    • b) “Change Password” in Dashboard to change your password.
  • Can I change my phone number?

    Yes, you can send request to change your contact details from your dashboard. Also, you can add your whatsapp number, alternate number and email address.

  • Can I change my location once I have completed my registration?

    Yes, you can update your location under ' General Information ' in your dashboard.

  • How can I update my portfolio/personal information?

    You can add or update your vitals, photos, videos, projects, documents and other information to your portfolio anytime from your dedicated dashboard under “Edit Profile” link. It is categorized in different sections to make it very simple for you.

  • I am unable to add images/videos to my portfolio.

    You can add images in these formats (jpg, jpeg, png, bmp) and the image file should not be more than 10 MB in size. You can add video at dazzler in 3 simple steps:

    • a) Upload your video in your YouTube account.
    • b) Get the video link.
    • c) Add the YouTube link with description to your portfolio.
  • How to add Videos or YouTube Videos links to my profile?

    You can simply upload your videos on your YouTube account and get those youtube video links to add in your video portfolio in your Dazzlerr account. You can also send your videos to us at hello@dazzlerr.com, we will upload them to our channel after approval and add them to your account.

  • Is there any restriction on the upload of images, videos and sound files?

    Yes. There are limits depending upon the type of subscription you choose. You can view details in membership page. Check Now

  • I am little worried about my Dazzlerr portfolio/images and don’t want them to appear in Google Search.

    Don’t worry as we do understand your worries and have made a very simple option to hide your images from search engines under settings section.

  • How to find new assignments/jobs/auditions at Dazzlerr?

    You can checkout latest assignments/ jobs / auditions related to your role under 'Jobs for You' section on your dashboard. We'll also send you daily job notification through email. Alternatively, you can also use our robust 'Search' tool to find jobs using various filters as per your choice.

  • How to apply for any assignments/ jobs / auditions at Dazzlerr?

    You must register yourself and complete your portfolio at Dazzlerr to apply latest assignments/ jobs / auditions. You can check relevant jobs as per your role on your dashboard and apply with just a single click.

  • Will I get any notification each time a new assignment / job / audition is posted in job section?

    Yes, Email notifications will be sent to your registered email ID for all new assignments / jobs / auditions listed on the website. The notifications will be sent as per the Talent/Role selected by you.

  • How can I check the status of my job applications?

    You can check the status of your applications under ‘Job Applied’ section in your dashboard. There are different statuses to help you know the current status of your application.

    • a) Applied for Job: Your application has been sent to the concerned casting person.
    • b) Application Viewed: Your application has been reviewed by the person casting, so there is a possibility that he is interested in you, so keep your profile updated with the latest information.
    • c) Profile Shortlisted: The casting person has liked your profile and has shortlisted it, so it is very likely that you will be hired by him.
    • d) Hired: The Casting person has hired you for his job/project. You should check your dashboard to see the selection message or wait for the call/e-mail from him.
  • How will recruiters or talent seeker contact me?

    Recruiters or Talent Seeker can contact you through the message form on your profile page. Also, he can reach you on the mobile number, whatsapp number or the email address given by you provided if you made them public. It is recommended to keep your contact information like mobile number, whatsapp number and email id updated for better communication.

  • Do I have to pay any commission if I am selected or hired for a new assignment / job / audition at Dazzlerr?

    No, you don’t have to pay any commission to us for any job or project that you get through Dazzlerr portal.

  • I am not able to apply for jobs. How to apply jobs?

    You need to become a verified member at Dazzlerr to be eligible to apply jobs/projects. If you are already a member, you can apply all new assignments / jobs / auditions that belong to your talent role.

  • Can I give audition online?

    Yes, online audition is available for selected jobs. If a recruiter is inviting online auditions, you will checkout the see the script in the job details.

  • Does Dazzlerr takes any guarantee of selection of any listed Talent for any applied job/project?

    Dazzlerr does not guarantee selection of any listed Talent for any applied job/project. Dazzlerr is only a platform to connect talent and talent seekers, showcase profiles and to view or post different job opportunities.

  • What are the benefits to follow a recruiter?

    The primary benefit to follow a recruiter is to get instant notifications about the new jobs posted by him/her.

  • How to increase my profile or portfolio views?

    To increase views of your profile or portfolio, you have to complete your profile and keep it updated with latest information like portfolio, recent projects, videos, documents etc. Do write an impressive bio about you and mention your skills/interests to attract and get noticed by top recruiters. Make sure you apply as many jobs as you can and spread your Dazzlerr personalised profile link in your network.

  • How to report abuse?

    At Dazzlerr, we have a very strong view against misuse of the platform and we are committed to support every user in preventing possible misuse of the platform. You can always report an abuse at report@dazzlerr.com.

  • I don’t want to receive Emails/SMS from Dazzlerr. How can I stop this?

    You can subscribe/unsubscribe to all or specific emails/SMS updates or notification by customizing the options under 'Settings' page.

  • What does featured talent mean?

    Dazzlerr reserves the right of listing talent in the featured category or upgrading any talent in the featured category. Special benefits will be given to the featured members.

  • What is a relationship manager?

    Your relationship manager is your point of contact for all queries regarding your Dazzlerr account, Events, Promotion and Casting calls. You can call/whatsapp your manager in the given working time slot or send mail on the email address shared with you.

  • How do I raise my grievances if any?

    Write to us at care@dazzlerr.com. We will definitely hear you out.

  • How to delete my account?

    You can delete your account from settings tab in your dashboard.

  • Why talent seekers must become Dazzlerr members?

    Dazzlerr simplifies the process of hiring for talent seekers to search and hire the best and suitable talent for their projects. Talent Seekers or casting people can create their detailed profile at Dazzlerr. It offers a dedicated dashboard which gives insight about new and featured talents. Also helps in handling the end-to-end process for hiring talents starting from post a job, shortlisting and hiring talent.

    Talent seekers can browse for Talents in the Talent page. Different useful filters have been provided to help in narrow down the search results. You can shortlist Talents and communicate with them through private message or live chat.

    Lastly, you can post your project under job section where any talent can apply to your project. The dashboard has a detailed insight about all the application received under each job that you have posted. This helps in organizing and managing the received applications.

  • How to find talents and hire them at Dazzlerr

    You can use “Search” option to find out right talent as per your requirement or browse talents on talent page. There are many filters provided to filter out and narrow down your search results to find the right match.

  • Can I contact talents for free?

    Yes, you can contact talents for free through contact button on their profile page. A message will be sent to their email id and a notification to their Mobile regarding your message.

  • How to post a job/project at Dazzlerr?

    You can post your job(s) for free through your dashboard under “My Jobs” section.

  • Is the start date and end date mandatory while posting any job/project?

    Yes, the start date and end date is mandatory while posting any job/project.

  • Can I see how many applications I have received to my job?

    Yes, you can have a quick insight about number of applications received for your jobs in the dashboard. Also, you can go to jobs section to check applications received under each posted job/project respectively. You can see contact details of all talents who have made their contact details public and can further hire any of them as per your choice.

  • How do I contact the talents listed at Dazzlerr?

    You can contact talents through contact button on their profile page. You can share your contact details through this message to connect quickly.

  • How to invite talents to apply for your jobs/projects?

    There is an option called 'Send an Invitation' in the shortlisted section. You can use this option to send single or bulk invitations (10 max in single attempt) to the talents to apply for your jobs/projects. Search the talents as per your project requirements from talent page and shortlist them.

  • What is the difference between Elite Club and Featured Talents?

    Elite Club Talents are those celebrities who are affiliated to Dazzlerr. You can contact these members only through our talent managers.

    Featured Talents are those members who have paid for premium services for better visibility on the platform and social promotion. You can contact featured talents through contact button on their profile page.

  • How do I contact Elite Club Talents?

    Elite Club Talents are those celebrities who are affiliated to Dazzlerr. You can contact these members only through our talent managers.